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There are three types of cookies, which QUBE uses for several reasons:

Technically necessary or functional cookies: these are required for our website to work properly. These cookies are used to personalise our website to visitor usage and preferences. This increases the ease of use of the website. 

Tracking cookies: these are used for gathering browsing information. For example, by tracking potential interest during the use of the website. By using tracking cookies, networks can gather information which advertisements have already been visited and which have specifically resulted in more browsing.
Analytical cookies: these cookies are used to e.g. record visitor statistics and analyse trends when using our website. QUBE takes processing this data very seriously and continually works on improvements in how we provide and protect your information.

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You can also delete cookies yourself after each internet session. Consult the user manual of the network browser you use for that. gebruikt cookies om de website te verbeteren en te analyseren, voor social media en om ervoor te zorgen dat je relevante advertenties te zien krijgt. Als je meer wilt weten over deze cookies, klik dan hier voor ons cookie beleid. Bij akkoord geef je toestemming voor het gebruik van cookies op onze website.
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