Process innovation scan

Under the knife?

Processes have a tendency to expand. By cutting away the excess fat from the processes, you will improve efficiency, increase LEAN working and reduce overhead. An application landscape where all applications smartly align and connect and optimally support the business processes. Easily accessible, transparent, with integrally available data and saved at one single location. How do you achieve that? By using the QUBE process innovation scan, the surgical scalpel for process optimisation.

Process innovation scan

In addition to a detailed analysis of the business-critical processes, we also assess possible bottlenecks. We do not only investigate how we can address them, but also how the internal applications can optimally support business-critical processes. In addition, we investigate whether efficiency can be achieved by automating manual standard procedures, and whether it will deliver a reduction in staff costs.

Experienced business consultant

Together with an experienced business consultant, you take a closer look at your organisation’s critical business processes. QUBE was established in 1990; over that time, we have performed a significant number of implementation and integration processes. This has given us considerable experience in finding possible bottlenecks.
Consider for example:
  • Overproduction: are there any activities which are done twice at different locations?
  • Delays: does the process contain any breaks which stagnate progress?
  • Transport: is there unnecessary transport of materials or employees?
  • Extra process steps: are there any redundant or extra process steps?
  • Stock management: is there any unnecessary stock or intermediate stock?
  • Movement: is the distance between the different process steps optimal?
  • Corrections and defects: is there repetition in certain activities within a process (re-work)?

Smart moves
Processes not only have a tendency to expand, they also tend to get cluttered. Which is why we use the Engage Modeler, an online system with which you can easily keep an eye on the big picture. We set off the results of the process innovation scan against your organisation objectives and provide you with clear, honest advice on the application landscape that is appropriate to your situation. Filled to the brim with interesting smart moves: practical, realistic, smart solutions.


Cut away the excess process fat and ensure that your organisation, processes and application landscape align.
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