Phishing is increasing exponentially and is increasingly hard to recognise

Internet criminals are targeting company networks increasingly frequently and ever more advanced. Attacks include dangerous phishing emails which seem to originate from banks. People are asked to log in and the data is immediately sent to the fraudster. This could have huge implications for your company and your network.

Protection by Mail Security

Mail Security protects email servers and the network against spam, viruses, phishing, and ransomware by filtering mail traffic in the cloud. A mail server in your network usually accepts emails without checking or authorisation. Under those circumstances, your employees will need to take care that they do not click on a phishing mail by accident. When you use Mail Security, email is not delivered to your server or network, but to an external mail server which applies filtering. This stops phishing emails before they even reach your network.

Mail Security works based on Barracuda Spam Firewall, the market leader in security software. 

Smart Moves

  • 24/7 security updates ensuring your email traffic will be 99% free of spam and viruses.
  • All mail flows are checked, both incoming and outgoing (so you don’t accidentally block your own internet access!)
  • Email assessment takes place in the Netherlands according to Dutch legislation
  • No hardware or software purchase required 


Our consultants will be happy to show you how you can make internet criminals miss their catch. Call +31 (0) 20 655 75 75 or email.

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