QUBE is your partner for VoIP

VoIP is voice over IP: calling through a network and an internet connection.
We have been in the business of networks for 26 years. We know exactly how we can help your organisation gain maximum benefits from the lower costs and extra functionality that VoIP offers.

Half of all companies use VoIP

No less than 48 per cent of the companies in the Netherlands are currently using internet telephone services.

SMEs provide the following reasons for their switch to VoIP:
  • Lower costs compared to traditional telephone systems
  • VoIP gives the organisation increased flexibility
  • VoIP is the most effective way of communicating

VoIP is a comprehensive, highly flexible telecommunication solution that easily adapts to the demands of the organisation. Curious? We would be happy to tell you more about it.

Smart moves

  • Improved quality and easily 25 to 60 per cent lower costs compared to traditional telephony
  • Easily scalable, making undercapacity and overcapacity a thing of the past
  • Option to integrate land-line and mobile phone services:
    QUBE provides land-line alongside mobile for maximum cost efficiency and optimum availability
  • No expensive local telephone system, but all set up in the cloud:
    telephone services for a fixed monthly amount, while maintenance and management are outsourced
  • Manage VoIP system yourself:
    user-friendly online system which easily manages call forwarding, users and voicemail
  • Considerably more functionalities than traditional telephony, including links to MS Outlook, CRM and administration systems

Would you like to know more?

We have already assisted a large number of organisations in their transfer from traditional telephony to internet phone services. Joost van Leeuwen is happy to help you. Call +31 (0) 20 655 75 75 or email.

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