Create and send payroll and tax declarations in Exact Globe by June 18th (update needed)

To ensure that you can continue to electronically submit VAT and/or payroll tax declarations after June 18, Exact Globe and possibly Synergy need an update.

Exact Globe uses Digipoort to send VAT and payroll tax declarations. A PKIoverheid certificate is used to digitally sign and secure this communication. This certificate is valid until June 18. Exact will make a new certificate available in a service pack that will be released on June 4.

We recommend
Ensure that the VAT and/or payroll tax declarations for May are submitted before June 18. This gives you extra time to (have) the update carried out. Note: it will not be possible to send declarations from June 18 without the update. Therefore, make sure you carry out the update in time. If you need support with this, please let us know as soon as possible.

Do you need help?
Do you have any questions regarding this email? Contact your account manager via phone number 020 - 655 75 75.

Posted by Udo Trieu

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