Unlocking the potential of business fiber internet

A reliable and fast internet connection is as essential for any organization as running water. According to research by the SME IT Expert Panel (link), 71.4% of Dutch entrepreneurs have a fiber optic network, 52.4% have outsourced their network and infrastructure to an IT service provider, and two-thirds of SME entrepreneurs lack a backup internet connection. Jeroen highlights five reasons why organizations should switch to a fiber optic connection.

Speed and reliability

A fiber optic connection provides higher internet speeds than DSL and cable. This means faster downloads and uploads, less latency, and a smoother browsing experience. This is crucial for businesses that rely on cloud computing, video conferencing, and efficient digital or hybrid working. Fiber optic is more reliable and less susceptible to weather conditions or electromagnetic interference, resulting in a more stable connection, even during peak hours.


Our data consumption increases every year. Fiber optics offer the capability to grow with this rising demand and meet your company's increasing data needs. This makes it a sustainable and future-proof investment.

Upgrade to Fiber-optic internet

Curious if a fiber optic network is available in your business area? Perform a postcode check (link) to see if you can switch for free. KPN will phase out copper networks in the near future, making the switch mandatory where fiber is already available. Transitioning to a fiber optic connection results in less downtime, higher productivity, and a faster, more reliable connection.

Support for smarter working

With the rise of hybrid and flexible working, a reliable and fast internet connection is essential. Fiber optic supports the high speed and stability needed for video conferencing, remote work, and cloud computing.

Backup internet connection

Only 52.4% of surveyed SME entrepreneurs currently have a backup internet connection. The research (link) also shows that all organizations come to a standstill without an internet connection. A fiber optic connection provides the reliability and performance needed to meet current and future data usage. Additionally, it allows the use of a DSL or cable connection as a backup.


To ensure the efficiency, security, and future-proofing of your company, it is advisable to switch to a fiber optic connection. According to the SME IT Expert Panel, 71.4% of Dutch entrepreneurs already have a fiber optic network. By switching, you benefit from faster, more reliable, and more secure internet connections, leading to improved productivity, the ability to work remotely and in the cloud, and lower long-term costs. The future of smarter working lies in fiber optics.

When will you switch to fiber optics? Contact Jeroen (link) for a free consultation or leave your contact details and we will get in touch.

Posted by Jeroen Turnhout

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