Exact Synergy CRM

Work as a team on your customer relations through a single CRM system

Exact Synergy for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) breaks through all the boundaries between sales, marketing, finance, support and all other departments which are in contact with customers regularly. The web-based CRM system provides an organisation-wide source of information.

Due to document flows and workflows, you can rest assured all employees are properly informed and contribute to enduring relations with customers.
  • One single CRM system that provides 100% insight into customer contacts
  • Complete integration, from customer contact to invoicing
  • Automatic alerts for sales and service
  • Extended web-based portal functionality
  • Insight into customer information always and everywhere with the CRM App


Imagine: all employees who have regular contact with customers gain access to all the information they require. They work together proactively to spot opportunities, solve problems and provide the best service. To the customers and each other. That is what makes doing business with your company such a great experience. Your employees know the customer’s situation, are always abreast of the latest developments in the relation and respond accordingly.

Three conditions for customer-focused entrepreneurship:

Facilitate business
Facilitate your customers in doing business with you. Show that you know the customer and their needs well, and ensure that customers value the relationship with your company. The specially designed CRM App provides you with a rich functionality, which facilitates doing business with you even more. This app always gives you accurate, up-to-date customer information within easy reach, including the social media activities. Quickly update the current affairs, initiate follow-up agreements and initiate actions through your tablet or mobile phone, even whilst talking to the customer.

Proactive service to customers
Make sure everyone uses the customer information proactively. Your people can act on the data which has been gathered by colleagues. And when they see an opportunity, they can get into contact with the customer at exactly the right time. This way each employee contributes to building and maintaining enduring business relations.

Complete insight into customer information
Ensure that everyone has access at all times to all available, up-to-date customer information. With the proper data, you eliminate unnecessary work. Sales employees enter orders completely, ensuring that the purchasing department or warehouse employees do not lose valuable time in supplementing incomplete orders. And the sales team does not need to search endlessly for information about deliveries, maintenance tasks or other affairs. They have all the information within easy reach.


Exact Synergy is a web-based solution which helps you maintain an overview of all your relations. Sales history lists, correspondence, complaints and all other aspects of the customer relationship can be found through the central customer card.

Exact Synergy can be used e.g. for:

Sales Force Automation
Exact Synergy helps you manage a decisive, powerful sales department. Workflows ensure that each interaction on a lead automatically gets directed to marketing or sales employees, so they can respond immediately. Reports make it possible to keep a close eye on the progression and lead time of sales processes.

Management of customer contacts
Workflows ensure that the processes concerning customers run smoothly. Exact Synergy streamlines handling of complaints and requests which require actions from multiple departments. In addition, everyone can quickly and accurately look into the progress of the process.

Exact CRM App
On the road or on location, through your telephone, tablet or laptop, Exact CRM always gives you the most up-to-date information. Through the browser or specially designed CRM App, you can easily collaborate on an excellent customer relationship. And that is how you achieve maximum results time and time again. Insights and a solid hold on all customer-related processes, from following up leads to accounts receivable management, and from complaints to references. All this information and communication is immediately centrally available, and your customer will notice the benefits every time you are in contact with each other. With the automatic alerts and follow-up options, you can act proactively to the current situation, prevent complaints and encourage turnover.

Email campaigns
An integrated solution for email marketing ensures targeted communication based on customer profiles. The easy-to-use campaign wizard will help you set up an effective email campaign.
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