Do you work with Exact Synergy and does the planning of recurring meetings take up a lot of time? Our add-on Recurring Requests makes sure that this will be a thing of the past. 


Save time and work more efficiently

Using the Recurring Requests add-on, you can easily repeat all calendar requests, just as you are used to be doing in your planning in MS Outlook.
In your planning requests you have the option to make your appointments recurring simply by clicking a button. This saves you lots of time, because you only need to create an appointment once and then easily repeat it. Ideal for, for example, scheduling a weekly consultation or a monthly progress interview.

Integration with Exact Synergy

The Recurring Requests add-on is, like all our other add-ons, specially developed for Exact Synergy. Our add-ons ensure that working with Exact Synergy is just a little bit easier. They are also fully integrated with the standard functionality of Exact Synergy.



  • Add-on for Exact Synergy Enterprise
  • Easy to use for creating recurring meetings on a regular base
  • Repeat meetings on daily, (2/4) weekly or monthly base 
  • Different frequency options for an appointment 
  • Takes into account the official holidays in Exact Synergy


Examples of usability 

  • Schedule (2/4) weekly meetings
  • Schedule recurring activities, such as reminders of workactivities 
  • Schedule monthly recurring appointments, such as department meetings & MT meetings



More information? 

Would you like to know more? Please contract our sales consultants on 020 - 655 75 75 or send us an e-mail and we will call you back. 

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