Do you see enough of the big picture?

In what phase is the process now? What is the current status? Which workflow requests are still open? And who is responsible for a specific action? With so many processes within the organisation, it becomes harder to keep an eye on the big picture. Less overview means less control, less efficiency and, bottom-line, less revenue. You see: everything is geared towards a clear overview of the work processes.

Workflow Extender Add-on

In order to provide that overview, we have developed the Workflow Extender Add-on. This is a flexible workflow module in Exact Synergy, designed especially for digital process structuring. Are you struggling with a multitude of business processes which consist of multiple phases and different successive or parallel workflows? This smart tool will allow you to regain control: everything you need to know organised on a single screen.

Smart moves
  • Insight into all phases and underlying workflow requests on a single screen
  • No mandatory process flow, easily adjustable main phases and sub-phases
  • All information centrally available: agreements, budget, scheduling, people responsible
  • Scheduling follow-up actions without having to consult a customer or colleague firstMore overview = more control = more efficiency = more income

More control?

Would you also like more control of your internal business processes? Our consultants will help you to regain control. Download the fact sheet or contact our consultants immediately: call +31 (0) 20 655 75 75 or send an email.

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